Шаблон цветовой схемы ­– {{ name }}

An example of web elements in this color scheme. See what your page might look like.
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#{{ cutcolors(colors,1) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,2) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,3) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,4) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,5) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,6) }}

Block with cards

Card 1

This is an information pack with cards. In your color scheme it might look like that.


Card 2

In order not to lose information because of the background, generally a muted shade is taken for cards. Anyway, you can choose any variant.

#{{cutcolors(colors,6)}} #{{cutcolors(colors,4)}}

All image from Unsplash

Information block with an image

Service identifies the most noticeable and bright colors in the image. Meanwhile, we help one to see how these colors combine on ordinary web page.

We have done buttons of various colors and put different blocks to demonstrate more explicitly how color scheme works for standard content formats.


Text block with links

Color schemes can be used for site and apps design, customization business pages and groups in social media. As well as the interior design, poster development and illustrations.

If you have wanted a room designed in style of your favorite Van Gogh painting for a long time, you can upload it to the site and save the colors for your future interior.

Due to the color scheme one can create a mood board or collage for your colleagues and contractors. You can combine colors in different ways or use only some of them. Our option is just one out of variety.

Call to action
A great reason to download this beautiful gradient

Create palette

You can choose one of the ready-made palettes or create it yourself by uploading any image.


We also have great gradients to download or generate.


By the way, this is still your color scheme into force.

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