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Get the palette from a photo — Get the palette from a photo

Get the palette from a photo

Get the 10 primary colors of an image and information about each, including shades and the opposite palette. Download or save color palettes for your projects.

10 palette colors

Easily get the basic 10 colors of a photo or picture

Download the result

Download a color palette or a palette with an image

Get color information

Shades of your colors and the opposite palette

Save your palettes

All palettes will remain in your personal cabinet

Palette from photo

Generate beautiful gradients

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generated gradients
Copy CSS code
Download in FHD
Publish to the general feed

Create beautiful gradients in FHD quality. Get CSS code and use it in your web projects. Share your work and get inspiration from other users.

Gradient generator

Make the text prominent and contrasty

The headline is clearly visible
The text in this background is a good example of contrast, because it stands out in the background and is easy to read.

Choose contrasting text and background colors. We can help you choose harmonious color combinations and improve readability.

Check contrast

Create your own palettes

Generate and create from scratch palettes for your projects

Generate palette

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SVG blob generator

The blob generator will help create random organic shapes (blobs) with gradients, solid fill or outlines.

Blob generator