Extract color from image

Automatic color matching based on photos and pictures. Upload an image, define a scheme of 10 primary colors, and see how they match on the web page

Drag and drop a file or select add Image
www.gradients.app — pick colors from image
{{ color.hex }}

Accent colors

Bright colors of the palette, highlight important details and attract attention 🔥





We'll help you choose the color of the text and background

Contrasting colors make your content even better 🤩

Muted colors

Suitable for notifications, information cards and other blocks 👍





Light colors

Ideal for backgrounds and substrates 😺


Dark colors

Can be used for text and headings 📝


Invert colors

The reverse side of the color palette. Contrast well with the colors in your scheme. 🦇



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Big update

Dashboard, projects, and new design 🎁

Updated personal account design:
Removed unnecessary design elements, making it simpler and cleaner. The main screen now features statistics on the most popular gradients, and each published gradient can be viewed separately. Now all saved elements can be deleted from the account, which was previously impossible.

New section 'Projects' has been added:
Create projects, add any elements to them, and share the project link.