Define a color palette in any photo

Automatic color matching based on photos and pictures.

Upload an image, define a scheme of 6 primary colors, and see how they match on the web page

Create palette from photos online

Define a color scheme in any photo. Choose suitable shades and use in your projects: on websites, in printing, in illustrations and moodboards.
Drag and drop a file or select add Image
{{ color.hex }}

Copy link to palette 😍 —{{rndurl}}

Accent colors

Bright colors of the palette, highlight important details and attract attention 🔥





We'll help you choose the color of the text and background

Contrasting colors make your content even better 🤩

Muted colors

Suitable for notifications, information cards and other blocks 👍





Light colors

Ideal for backgrounds and substrates 😺


Dark colors

Can be used for text and headings 📝


Invert colors

The reverse side of the color palette. Contrast well with the colors in your scheme. 🦇


Other palettes

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