Color scheme template ­– {{ name }}

An example of web elements in this color scheme. See what your page might look like.
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#{{ cutcolors(colors,1) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,2) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,3) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,4) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,5) }}
#{{ cutcolors(colors,6) }}

Cards block

Cards 1

These are example cards. This is what it would look like in your color scheme.


Cards 2

We recommend using tame colors for the background, so that the text would be easier to read.

#{{cutcolors(colors,6)}} #{{cutcolors(colors,4)}}

All image from Unsplash

Text & image block

The service identifies the most noticeable and bright colors in an image. Here you can see an example how it would look like on your web page.

There are different blocks to demonstrate how color scheme works for standard content formats.

Buttons are generated in three different colors.


Text with links block

Color schemes can be used for disigning sites and apps, customizing business and group pages on social media, аs well as banners and illustrations.

The Service could help with your interior design ideas. For example you've always wanted a room styled as your favorite Van Gogh painting, then just upload it to the site and get the colors for your future interior.

Call to action
A great reason to download this beautiful gradient

Create palette

You can choose one of the premade palettes or create it yourself by uploading any image.

Random gradient

Download our great randomly generated gradients

Gradient generator

Generate your own unique gradient, download it in fhd, save to profile, get css code.
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